Premium Sukkary Ruttab Dates


Product Description:

Sukkary Ruttab dates have a hard candy-like texture and get their name from their sweet taste, which is sweeter than most if not all the dates. These premium Sukkary Ruttab have a caramelized, fruity taste and a soft, silky honey aftertaste. The tamara (date) Sukkary Ruttab have a number of surprising benefits. These sweet fruits have been cultivated for thousands of years. 


Product Specification:

Product name: Sukkary Ruttab

Quality: Premium

Location: Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Size: Medium

Color: Yellow

Price: Sr 25 per carton

Type of fruit: Fresh fruit, 100% Natural

Maturity: 100%

Package Available: 5/20 kg boxes, 

Storage: Cool dry place

Texture: Sweet hard candy like texture

Taste: It has a caramelized, fruity taste and a soft, silky honey aftertaste and it’s rich in nutrients.


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    Premium Sukkary Ruttab Dates

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